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8 Benefits of Going With a Local Santa Ana Attorney

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If you have been arrested for a DUI, secure an attorney to help you with your case. Choosing a local attorney can be beneficial for several reasons. Learn why a local attorney may be the right choice by reading the information here.

1. Accessibility

Hiring a local attorney will be more comforting, convenient, and affordable. You won't have to travel to meet the attorney, which can save you time, energy, money, and possible loss of wages for taking the time off to travel. Keep in mind, out-of-state attorneys will need to be licensed in California to be able to take your case.

2. Networking Capabilities

A local attorney will more than likely know your arresting officer, the prosecutor, and even the judge. These familiar working relationships can help with issues regarding your case, such as getting good plea agreements.

Some prosecutors tend to negotiate plea deals in advance, while others prefer to negotiate closer to the trial date. Knowing these things about the prosecutors can really give your attorney the upper hand.

Personal working knowledge of the people involved with your case can help your attorney to develop a more successful game plan and present your case in the best way.

Also, a local attorney will likely have earned the respect of judges in the area. This professional respect can work in your favor.

3. Understanding of Protocol

Each courthouse will have its own protocol and rules. Some courthouses are sticklers when it comes to following precise protocol. An out-of-the area attorney can accidentally offend a judge by breaking rules or by not following proper procedure.

4. Knowledge of the Area

A local attorney will have knowledge of the area, including local businesses that may be involved in your case, local roadways, current hazardous conditions that factor into your case, and traffic considerations. This knowledge can be helpful when they put together your defense case.

5. Local Services and Resources

When you work with a local attorney, they can be a wealth of knowledge and provide you with information that can help with your case. This information can include locations of classes you may be ordered to take, information on how to go about getting help with fees for classes, and more.

6. Working Knowledge of the Courtroom

A local attorney who regularly works in the courthouse in which your DUI case is being handled will be familiar with the courtrooms. This familiarity means they're less likely to make rookie mistakes and will handle your case with the utmost competence.

7. Courthouse Availability

Local attorneys that often work in the courthouse your case is out of will likely have other clients whose cases are also out of that same courthouse. This can lead to the attorney being more available on the days of your court hearings.

For example, the attorney may have more time to sit with you at the courthouse to go over the basics of your case, instead of rushing in for the proceedings and then quickly disappearing.

8. Knowledge of the DUI Charges You Face

The way DUI cases work varies depending on the state in which the offense took place. A local attorney will already be familiar with the penalties you face with your charges and different tactics they can use to help get you out of as much trouble as possible.

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